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Open Source Data Observability

Monitor your data warehouse in minutes directly from dbt. An analytics engineer first solution for monitoring data quality and operations.

"With Elementary we now have visibility both into the status of the operation and quality of the data. It is extremely useful to have this data directly in our data warehouse, and the integration with dbt makes it super easy to deploy and configure."
Matthew Skinner
Enterprise Data Architect
"We use Elementary to identify and fix data quality issues before they become data quality fiascos. It provides an easy way to add excellent monitoring and observability to dbt projects."

Jonathan Talmi
Senior Data Platform Manager
"We use Elementary to run data quality checks in our analytical landscape. The easy integration with our set-up, together with the dashboard gives us exactly what we were missing. Working with the team is great and we are looking forward to further collaboration!"
Joost Boonzajer Flaes
Data Analytics Leader
"Elementary has been instrumental to help us leverage metadata about our dbt project and more especially for the tests. The team is always keen on feedback and incredibly fast-acting to solve bugs or implement requested features."
Fabien Traventhal
Senior Data "Swiss Army Knife"
"Elementary has enabled us to alert analysts who have engaged with our dbt self serve capabilities of any test failures leading to significantly faster resolution times. Deployment of the package was straight forward & support was brilliant. Highly recommend!"
Joseph Berni
Analytics Engineer
"Elementary has become an integral part of our stack at DNSFilter. Through Slack alerts and the UI, we know of data problems immediately and can solve quickly. The team is always helpful, and regularly release exciting updates."
Ian McLaren
Business Intelligence Engineer
“With Elementary deployed into our data workflow, we’ve improved the visibility into our dbt operations. Having Elementary tests side by side with generic dbt tests offers a holistic test bed covering issues we can predict as well as the ones we can’t.”
Senior Data Engineer
"Elementary allowed us to graduate from simply being data providers to data product managers. We now keep a firm grip on the quality of the data we supply to downstream users. The test queries in the report allow to quickly identify and solve issues. It has saved us many hours of debugging!"
Stéphane Burwash
Data Engineer
"With little effort I got so much visibility and capabilities to monitor our data pipelines efficiently. Our collaboration and trust with data consumers and providers improved greatly."

Gal Polak
Analytics Engineer

Dev-first data observability

Configuration and tests as code
Built-in to your dbt executions
Metadata, logs and metrics in your data warehouse
Deploy to production in minutes

Everything a modern data team needs to stop firefighting. It's Elementary.

Data tests and quality metrics
Anomaly detection
Run results monitoring
Actionable alerts
Data lineage

Data 🧡️ Open source

Elementary is open source first, you can deploy it in your data stack, without security and privacy concerns.
We love to build with users and get your feedback and inputs!

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