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Everything a data team needs to gain visibility, detect problems and resolve fast.

  • You can’t answer any more questions about data integrity

    Communicate the health of your data to every relevant stakeholder. Show exactly what is monitored and what’s the status of each dataset.

  • You are tired of asking others to fix their stuff

    Unlock bottlenecks by communicating issues and alerting data providers automatically.

  • Your backlog of data requests is longer than a line for free coffee

    You don’t have time for firefighting, you need to reduce the amount of incidents and shorten the time it takes you to detect and resolve issues.

  • You spend too much time trying to figure out what's wrong

    With Elementary you will get visibility and context on each issue, to find the root cause quickly and understand which assets were impacted.

  • You want to sleep better at night

    You will be the first to know when your data pipeline breaks. And it will break.

  • You won’t need to leave your code

    dbt born and raised. Elementary is part of your development workflow.

  • You don’t have time to spend

    Ridiculously quick & easy setup.

  • You hate repeating yourself

    Elementary ingests all of the dbt tests and configurations you already have in place.

  • You like to try before you buy

    You can try Elementary on your own - no strings attached.

  • Your security team will love you

    Vendor approval process will be a breeze.

  • You have a clean breakup

    If you leave us you can take what's yours (all configurations stay in your dbt code). We promise we won’t stalk you.

Work how you love

Built for data developers

All the Elementary configuration is managed in your dbt code. Elementary Cloud syncs configuration changes from the UI back to the dbt project code repository.

  • Config-as-code or in UI, fully synced
  • Version control and code review for changes
  • Test changes, enforce policies in CI
  • No duplication, existing config is leveraged
Built for data developers
Built for data developers
Detect data issues

Data tests and anomaly detection

Manage all test results and alerts in a single interface. Add Elementary anomaly detection tests to the dbt and custom tests you already use.

  • Freshness, volume & column anomalies
  • Anomalies per dimension
  • Granular time and seasonality config
  • Advanced schema changes
  • Supports all dbt, packages, and custom tests
Data tests and anomaly detection
Data tests and anomaly detection
Anomaly detected!
Understand root cause and impact

Data lineage of data issues

Elementary Cloud automatically extends the lineage to BI tools exposures, making it easy to understand the source and impact of data issues.

  • Automated from DWH to dashboards
  • Column level lineage
  • See lineage in dbt docs and dbt cloud
  • Enriched with data issues information
Data lineage of data issues
Data lineage of data issues

Data quality dashboard

“Elementary comes with a user-friendly dashboard allowing us to quickly showcase the health status of our data platform to data consumers”

Stefano Solimito
Head of Data Engineering, Zeplin

dbt observability included

“Fully integrated with dbt, audits runs and performance. Unrivaled simplicity of implementation. Data quality is no longer a subject.”

Ronan Obert
Data Engineer, Adeo

Actionable alerts

“We send alerts to specific Slack channels tagging model owners. The Elementary alerts contain queries, sample data, and relevant metadata.”

Jonathan Talmi
Data Platform Manager, Super
Security and privacy

Secure by design, no data access

Elementary Cloud can't access your data. The SDK creates a schema for logs, results and metadata, and Elementary only requires read access to it.

  • No permissions to your data from the Cloud
  • Cloud does not access any raw data
  • Read-only access to metadata schema
  • Advanced deployment options
Secure by design, no data access
Secure by design, no data access

Works with your stack

Elementary is dbt-native, and integrates with your data platform and orchestration tool. Additional integrations include code repositories, BI tools, messaging, and task management applications.

  • SDK for dbt core and dbt cloud
  • Supports Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, Databricks and Postgres
  • Integrations with BI tools, code repos, and orchestrators
  • Messaging apps and task management tools
Secure by design, no data access

Elementary is open source, powered by a community of 1500+ data professionals

Matthew Skinner
Enterprise Data Architect at Elastic

"With Elementary we now have visibility both into the status of the operation and quality of the data, and the integration with dbt makes it super easy to deploy and configure."

Ridiculously quick & easy setup

Download and deploy Elementary in minutes, without any security and privacy concerns.

Fabien Traventhal
Data "Swiss Army Knife"at Voodoo

"Elementary has been instrumental to help us leverage metadata about our dbt project and more especially for the tests."

Join us, we also love data

Talk to the team, get support and advice from other Elementary users, share your feedback and help in building a better product.

Jonathan Talmi
Data Platform Manager at Super

"We use Elementary to identify and fix data quality issues before they become data quality fiascos."

Joseph Berni
Analytics Engineer at Gousto

"Elementary has enabled us to alert analysts who have engaged with our dbt self-serve capabilities of any test failures leading to significantly faster resolution times. Highly recommend!"

Ian McLaren
Business Intelligence at DNSFilter

"We know of data problems immediately and can solve quickly. The team is always helpful, and regularly release exciting updates."

Joost Boonzajer Flaes
Data Analytics Leader at IKEA

"The easy integration of Elementary with our setup, together with the dashboard gives us exactly what we were missing."

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